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White Paint Colours

Explore our palette of timeless white paint shades to find the perfect neutral for your scheme.

White can be a classic or contemporary choice depending on where it is used, how it is used and what it is combined with. For example, a white used on cornicing, a dado and skirting board can create a more classic feeling, highlighting architectural features within a scheme. However, a white used on all walls with black woodwork makes a space feel more contemporary.

When selecting a white paint colour, it is important to consider how the space should feel. The mood of a white depends on its base. A white based on ochre, Capuchin for example, has a small hint of brown and therefore brings warmth to a space. A blue-based white, such as Flat Light, can make a room feel a little colder, starker and brighter. This sort of white is perfect for areas of concentration, such as study areas. A white based on charcoal, such as Minim, can create a more subtle, muted white: a perfect neutral and great alternative to a brilliant white.

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