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@the_creative_saint’s tranquil bedroom transformation…

@the_creative_saint’s tranquil bedroom transformation…

September 24th, 2022
Paint & Paper Library

@the_creative_saint’s recent bedroom project demonstrates how imaginative design choices can create a characterful scheme. Warm blues and off-white hues pair with bespoke panelling and shelving for a serene and inspiring environment.

We spoke to Kerryanne to explore her colour choices…

Which Paint & Paper Library colours feature in your home?

“I have Spruce in my son’s bedroom on one panelled wall and I am in the process of painting it onto the ceiling as well. I also have Cotton II on the woodwork. I used sample pots in the colours Blue Gum and Cotton II to hand paint a lampshade for my son's room, and I have Quail in my bedroom.”

Tell us about the process of transforming your son’s bedroom. How did you select Spruce and Cotton II?

“I wanted a traditional, calming space for my son's bedroom. I love anything to do with nature and I felt a strong pull towards something that would create a feeling of peacefulness and tranquillity. Not wanting to go for green, I leant towards a blue shade as blues remind me of the planet, space and the ocean.

Spruce stood out immediately with its grey and green undertones. It seemed to work beautifully against my collection of vintage ocean art and other natural elements included in my son's room, such as wooden beds and wicker baskets. 

I knew I wanted some exposed shelves to display my vintage art and some sentimental pieces, including a childhood Peter Rabbit ornament and my wedding cake topper of two stags together. Everything in this room has a vintage feeling to it. Putting the panelling behind the shelves has really made this wall a huge feature. This is also where my vintage lamp shade sits, I upcycled it, using the colours Blue Gum and Cotton II, in a traditional wide stripe. I still have to complete this room but it’s such a fun project and one I am very proud of so far.”

Why do you love Paint & Paper Library?

“I love the wide range of distinguished and unique colours that Paint & Paper Library have to offer. Knowing that a brand has a long history in its field shows that they have an understanding of their products. All the colours and finishes I have used paint on like a dream, the coverage is brilliant, and the finish is delightful.”

As a fashion designer, are there any similarities between designing an outfit and designing an interior scheme?

“Yes, the process is very similar. If I am starting a big interior project, such as a full room, I will often make a mood board using all my favourite images. This is the same as I would do in fashion designing when building a story or trend. From this I would identify the basic elements that I need to complete the room (i.e colours, textures, furniture). Again, in fashion I would break down what garments or inspirational pieces I need to create the garment (i.e colours, textures, shapes). Then it’s onto planning – drawing the room layout in the same way as I would when designing a garment. The process is very similar.”

What is your advice for creating a scheme?

1)      “I always recommend starting with mood boards. They are a great way to keep you focused on your end goal. Otherwise, I can get easily distracted when I see other amazing homes and their projects.”

2)     “It took me years to get to this point, but I only buy items that I truly love. I recommend building your home on your loves, not trends and what other people think is nice. I often see something, walk away from it, and then see how I feel about it days later. Unless I am thrifting, I buy it there and then, but I always keep focused on what I actually need. If I can't instantly think of a place for it to go, I leave it!”

3)     “DIY – just try it! You will be shocked at how easy things are when you research and try it yourself. I have loved learning new skills over the years. I couldn't do anything when I started doing my own DIY, but practice definitely does makes progress. Plus, once you have completed a task, you feel so proud of yourself, and it builds on the authenticity and personality of your home.”

What’s next for your home? Are there any more Paint & Paper Library colours that you would love to try?

“I have so many projects on my bucket list. As a creative person, my brain never stops wanting to create! But I am focused on completing the boy's bedroom and once that is ticked off, I have a few tweaks to make to my kitchen and a full makeover of my downstairs toilet. I have some lovely Paint & Library colours in mind for these projects, but I haven't finalised them. My kitchen walls are bright white at the moment, so I am thinking about warming them up with a softer white. For the toilet, I am wanting it to be bold so definitely a strong pop of colour in there! I love selecting the perfect colours!”