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Rosanna Bossom Ltd x Paint & Paper Library

Rosanna Bossom Ltd x Paint & Paper Library

September 23rd, 2022
Paint & Paper Library

The vibrant orange, The Long Room, was recently showcased in the boot room of @manor_farmhouse, in an inviting and impactful design by interior design studio, Rosanna Bossom Ltd.

An uncompromising orange that radiates warmth and personality, The Long Room has been revived from the Paint & Paper Library archive.

We spoke to Rosie to explore her interior scheme.

What made you choose Paint & Paper Library’s ‘The Long Room’ for this boot room?

“I love orange, it is just such a warm colour. A boot room always reminds me of the autumn and winter months which are often associated with the colour orange. It is a room where you want to feel warm and welcome and that is exactly how I feel when I look at The Long Room paint colour.”

What is it about this strong, punchy orange that makes it perfect for the space?

“A boot room is not a place where you spend a lot of time and for lots of people, it is the first space you enter in someone's home. A bit like a guest loo, it is a place where you can afford to have a bit of fun.”

How did you achieve the right balance between such a contemporary paint colour and more rustic features?

“It sometimes takes a while to get the balance right with additions to a brightly painted room. However, The Long Room lends itself to feeling like a cosy colour and wooden features/dark hooks seemed like the perfect pairing for this space.”

What is your advice for using bolder hues?

“Less visited rooms in the house are great places to try bold colours, it’s often a great talking point with visitors too. Give it a try and you’ll probably end up loving it!”

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Rosanna Bossom Ltd is a London-based interior design studio that specialises in beautiful yet practical designs. Rosie gained experience working with renowned designers including Rifat Ozbek. Her own successful studio utilises premium, crafted products to provide a bespoke service to a range of clients.

Images: @jakeindoors
Design: @rosannabossomltd